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Mentor Profile image of Thompson Ntegee Nkupoe

Thompson Ntegee Nkupoe

Hi, I am Thompson from Ghana. I am into the building capacity of young farmers and women in agriculture to understand agriculture as a business than c…

Mentor Profile image of Anton Crux

Anton Crux

I am deeply passionate about building new companies and creating positive change in the world. With a strong entrepreneurial drive, I am dedicated to …

Mentor Profile image of George Sita

George Sita

Hello, am George, and I’ve been building a software development company and a payments solution over the past 6 years. I’m interested in Africa as I b…

Mentor Profile image of Loukmane Yahaya

Loukmane Yahaya

Expert en Développement d’affaires avec une expérience de plus de 5 ans dans l’écosystème entrepreneurial au Niger et au Sénégal, ma passion était tou…

Mentor Profile image of Oluwatoyin Ademola

Oluwatoyin Ademola

I am referred to as the Chief Growth Officer in a young & vibrant coaching  & consulting business that focuses on strategic growth and busines…

Mentor Profile image of Christian Vega

Christian Vega

I am a systems engineer and financial auditor, I have 11 years of experience with information and communication technologies where I worked in various…

Mentor Profile image of Simon Balemba Effansa

Simon Balemba Effansa

About Me I am a leading Silicon Mountain Business Development Specialist, Product Management Consultant, Serial Entrepreneur and True Enterprise Ar…

Mentor Profile Modupe Eyogwe image of Duperakinloye

Modupe Eyogwe

Hello, my name is Modupe, and I have recently established a fund management consultancy where I provide support to start-ups and social innovators in …

Mentor Profile image of Florent Empis

Florent Empis

As a mentor, I have helped european & african companies raise substantial seed rounds, mostly in the data & ecommerce sector. As a head of eng…

Mentor Profile image of Fritz Fiethen

Fritz Fiethen

Hi I am Fritz. Originally from Germany but at home everywhere, having lived in Namibia, the USA, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Switz…

Mentor Profile Paul Mbua image of M

Paul Mbua

I am an Entrepreneur, International Consultant, Trainer, IT Expert, Business Development Expert, Investment Expert, Policy Expert, Ecosystem Architect…

Mentor Profile Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes image of Suzanne Wisse Huiskes

Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes

Hi, my name is Suzanne. I spend my career working with entrepreneurs and investors in Europe and Africa. I am driven to help entrepreneurs scale, brin…

Mentor Profile image of Mohamad Fouad Abdelwahab

Mohamad Fouad Abdelwahab

Mohamad Fouad is my name, and I am a 2X founder with 11 years of practical experience and have developed 14 products within 6 different industries wit…

Mentor Profile image of Chiheb Eddine Fatnassi

Chiheb Eddine Fatnassi

I am excited about the prospect of mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and helping them to achieve their goals. With a focus on customer-centricity, my e…

Mentor Profile image of Geoff Fairhurst

Geoff Fairhurst

I am a seasoned Business Consultant, Strategic Business Consultant, and Business Activation Specialist with extensive experience in driving growth and…

Mentor Profile image of Vianney Mathonnet

Vianney Mathonnet

I am interested in mentoring because I believe that sharing my experience and knowledge can help entrepreneurs in Africa succeed. As a General Partner…

Mentor Profile MARY MBUGUA image of Mary Mbugua


The world of business and entrepreneurship has always fascinated me and I want to be a part of it. As everything progresses and I have invested all ef…

Mentor Profile image of Ahmed Hamouda

Ahmed Hamouda

I am a Navy Veteran, used to be the head of Navy digital transformation department. I did several ToT’s either in the navy for Engineers to become Tea…