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¡Aquí encontrarás la oportunidad de mentoría que estabas buscando! El camino hacia el éxito empresarial está respaldado por una buena guía.

Únase al programa PUM o Trustlaw, o desplácese hacia abajo para encontrar un mentor experto y envíe su solicitud de asistencia y conéctese.

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Conéctate con expertos/as seniors y obtén recomendaciones para fortalecer tu negocio

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Mentor Profile image of Gbenga Agoye

Gbenga Agoye

I am an Investor with special interest and passion for supporting teams build technology businesses that are solving fundamental problems in African. …

Mentor Profile Raul Gonzalez Acuña image of Raul Gonzalez

Raul Gonzalez Acuña

I am interested in businesses and the way we communicate them to others. I am a serial entrepreneur with a focus on technology-driven companies. I h…

Mentor Profile Juan Carlos Riquelme image of Juan Carlos Riquelme Martinez

Juan Carlos Riquelme

Tengo +50 años, con una hermosa familia y feliz. Profesional con visión de futuro y con un historial de experiencia en desarrollo de proyectos y educa…

Mentor Profile image of Daria Khlopova

Daria Khlopova

Hi there! My name is Daria and I work for swiss investment company called Seedstars (we are supporting entrepreneurs in emerging markets). I’ve been w…

Mentor Profile image of Nathaniel Munetsi

Nathaniel Munetsi

I am passionate about assisting young and emerging businesses from idea generation to commercialisation and growing entrepreneurship network. I want t…

Mentor Profile image of Abdelrahman Bannora

Abdelrahman Bannora

I’ve been engaging with the entrepreneurship scene in Egypt since 2013, from attending leading events and hackathons to hosting talks and mentoring/su…

Mentor Profile image of Marco Poliafico

Marco Poliafico

Through over 15 years of professional experience mostly within the cleantech and sustainability industries, Marco gained a strong insight about proces…

Mentor Profile image of Mohamed Hanafy

Mohamed Hanafy

A management professional with over 20 years’ of experience, having taken on a range of challenging executive, operations and sales management positio…

Mentor Profile image of Baba Oyewole

Baba Oyewole

I have many years of experience working with numerous businesses and individuals helping attain goals and success. I have also been part of many star…

Mentor Profile image of Mukami Kamau

Mukami Kamau

My name is Mukami and I am an Investment Professional currently working at a VC firm based in Nairobi with a focus on tech & tech enabled startups…

Mentor Profile Diyoke Afamefuna image of Kendiok

Diyoke Afamefuna

Diyoke Afamefuna has been building an Educational and Agritech organization over the past 10 years. Diyoke Afamefuna is the founder and CEO of Corpers…

Mentor Profile image of Victor Onyebuchi

Victor Onyebuchi

My Name is Victor and i have been in the financial Services Space for over 12 years. I have gone through almost all the spectrum of Payment Operations…

Mentor Profile image of Harliet Njenga

Harliet Njenga

Hello my name is Harliet and I have over 7 years’ experience in Marketing, sales and business development, I am currently building Think Opal a firm t…

Mentor Profile image of Eliud Mungai

Eliud Mungai

Eliud is an experienced African startups operator over the last eight years, mainly as a senior executive in digital financial services, e-commerce, a…

Mentor Profile image of Henry Ojuor

Henry Ojuor

Strategic Product Leader & Passionate ecosystem builder, with the knowledge, network and experience to build, design and grow world class products…

Mentor Profile image of Martins Adegoke

Martins Adegoke

I am Martins Adegoke. I am a serial entrepreneur. My wealth of experience span Academics, Advertising, Corporate Training, Finance, Petroleum Trading…

Mentor Profile Wilhemina Agyare image of Wilhemina

Wilhemina Agyare

I am a UK and Ghana-trained lawyer, specialising in Corporate/Commercial Law and Real Estate/ Infrastructure Law. I have represented numerous local an…

Mentor Profile image of Eric Mudoga

Eric Mudoga

Hi, I am Eric Mudoga, an Independent Trainer, Business Advisor, and Ecosystem Developer. Passionate in transforming Businesses, Digital transformation…

Mentor Profile image of Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert

I care about making a difference with the skills and time available to me:- in spite of my challenges as an MS patient. I want to help you achieve you…

Mentor Profile Dr Mariam ALHAMDOU image of Dr Mariam Alhamdou


Woman of science passionate about innovation, technology… Doctor entrepreneur📉, I have an entrepreneurial background. After a few years of experien…

Mentor Profile image of Jane Onoka

Jane Onoka

Hello, my name is Jane Onoka. I have worked with SMEs and entrepreneurs over the last 20 years with 15 of these at IFC, the World Bank Group as an adv…

Mentor Profile image of Mohanad Ali

Mohanad Ali

I come from a technical background as a computer science graduate, worked as a developer for some time, then shifted my career towards the business si…

Mentor Profile Enrico Cupido image of Enrico

Enrico Cupido

I was in banking for 24 years and also worked for TransUnion, the credit bureau. I then started my consulting business looking at: * Business Consu…

Mentor Profile image of Hazem Hassan

Hazem Hassan

Hi, my name is Hazem and I have professional experience in strategic planning, business development, strategic partnerships, risk management. I am an…

Mentor Profile image of Asemota Izoduwa Precious

Asemota Izoduwa Precious

Hi, my name is Asemota Izoduwa Precious, I currently manage the Edo State Innovation hub alongside a software and an ed-tech company called Cyan. With…

Mentor Profile image of Amanuel Alemu

Amanuel Alemu

Spent most of my career in financial services and investment management; most recently was the Ethiopia country manager for a renewable energy and gre…

Mentor Profile image of Antoinette Mundopu Machiya

Antoinette Mundopu Machiya

My name is Antoinette and I am a strategy and finance professional with 15+ years experience in Telecommunications and Financial Services. I’m passio…

Mentor Profile image of Nuba Elamin

Nuba Elamin

Between 2013 – 2021, I started two businesses, Buqisi-Ruux, an African inspired footwear brand whose goal was to change the narrative of African women…

Mentor Profile image of Isaac Esuantse

Isaac Esuantse

Hello, my name is Isaac and I am based in Accra, Ghana. Over the past 12 years I have been engaged in Sales, Business Development, Sanitation marketin…

Mentor Profile Kristof Huet image of Kristof

Kristof Huet

My name is Kristof and during my 20+ years in SaaS leadership, I have worked for blue chips as well as scale-ups. My previous responsibilities include…